Sunday, November 22, 2015

Licensing VMware Horizon View with VSPEX Blue (EVO:RAIL)

I've been getting questions lately on the most effective way to license Horizon View with VSPEX Blue, the answer like many things in this world is "It Depends". Luckily the VMware licensing guide for View does a good job of laying it out.

VSPEX Blue is a great EUC platfrom, and VMware is easing the licensing confusion.

The Horizon View Licensing FAQ has a good illustration of licensing combinations of Horizon with the EVO:Rail and the loyalty program, I found this really useful working on a "start with 100 desktops" design and wanted to pass this on. They even have EVO:Rail add-on specific SKUs for Horizon now, helping with the licensing overlap (still exists with VSAN on advanced and enterprise but getting better).